CREW Technical Workshop Successfully Held


CREW’s first Technical Workshop was successfully held at M Plaza Hotel from 8.30am to 4pm with more than 50 participants across various sectors including the government, academia, media, civil society organizations, and international development agencies.

The programme included various hands-on participatory exercises including Session 1 with word-association games and visioning exercises using models, Session 2 with presentations from NADMO, GMET, Climate & Science Community of Practice, and JICA/CECAR Africa on their past/current early warning-related efforts, Session 3 on practical suggestions and insights regarding early warning information generation and translation, partnership, coordination and communication, monitoring and evaluation and pilot site selections.

Here is the workshop programme: Technical Inception Workshop Programme

Many ideas for resilient communities were generated.  Here are some of the Resilient Communities built during the workshop!


Many key challenges as well as opportunities were raised during the workshop.  A full workshop report will be shared shortly.  But all the more, the participants were certain that the potential for CREW to bring about a big difference in making Ghana and its community more resilient is immense.

We hope that we can share the comprehensive reports and presentation slides very soon!